Yuan Mugwort Repairing Cream: A Steroid-free Eczema Cream for Babies

Yuan Mugwort Repairing Cream for baby eczema

No parent wants to watch their child suffer. Allergies can affect any child, although they are more common in children from allergy-prone families. Because it is impossible for parents to regulate everything their child is exposed to or eats, parents should instead focus on monitoring their child for symptoms.

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Malaysian Customer Review: Yuan Mugwort Soap for oily skin and facial acne

Mugwort Classic Soap

Thanks for the support from Asha Michibata, our fellow customer in Malaysia, who used the Mugwort Classic Soap for a week.

“After 1 week of trying yuan (mugwort) soap, I can say that it works really well for me. Especially on my oily skin. The smell of the soap is really nice. The verbena eo used in the soap really helps to dry any small acne on my face. Recommended!” – Asha Michibata, Yoga Instructor & Founder of Ruma Yoga Malaysia

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Join Rachel Wong on Shopee Live to Discover Yuan’s Miracle Ingredient Mugwort (艾草)

Join Rachel Wong on Shopee Live to Discover the Yuan Mugwort (艾草) Classic Collection

Join SG influencer Rachel Wong and Yuan Skincare & Soap on a Shopee Live Event on 26 February and discover the benefits of the Yuan Mugwort (艾草) Classic Collection. The event starts at 7pm on Friday. Click here to view more details: http://bit.ly/MugwortOurMiracleIngredient

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Mugwort (艾草): Best of Yuan Soaps and Our Miracle Ingredient

Shared through generations of Asian culture, Mugwort (艾草) is traditionally valued for its medicinal purposes based on natural healing methods found in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). As wellness transcends, Yuan Skincare and Soap 阿原肥皂 uses natural and eco-friendly ingredients to restore skin and hair through the power of oriental herbs. Going beyond healing experiences for the body and soul, Yuan Soaps are made from the finest and most natural herbs from Yangmingshan National Park, Taiwan. With Yuan’s aim to unlock the maximum potential of natural herbs, the Mugwort (艾草) collection has been carefully curated to holistically relieve numerous skin problems.

The No. 1 Best-Seller Yuan Mugwort (艾草) Classic Soap

In this month’s Shopee Live Event, Rachel Wong will highlight our miracle ingredient mugwort that’s known to help relieve skin problems like eczema, body acne, atopic dermatitis, itch and fungal infections.

Yuan’s no. 1 best-seller, the Mugwort Classic Soap possesses a unique scent and is regarded as a healing herb for its antibacterial, anti-fungal and skin-protective properties. Yuan soaps guarantee all-natural handmade products that revitalise not just the body but overall wellness.

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