Hinoki (桧木) Cypress Essential Oil

Yuan Hinoki (桧木) Cypress Essential Oil
Yuan Hinoki (桧木) Cypress Essential Oil

Hinoki Cypress essential oil is well-known for naturally killing bacteria, viruses, viral infections and fungi. It has a relaxing and decongestant effect on the body, helping to relieve tension and stress. It is also excellent in alleviating sinus and chest congestion, and respiratory problems.

Hinoki oil is considered to be gentle on the skin and a very effective antiseptic for healing and treating skin problems such as rashes, cuts, abrasions and minor skin irritations.


Chamaecyparis obtusa (hinoki) oil


  • Mix 1-2 drops into hand or body lotion for added benefits.
  • Drops 2-5 drops in your bath water for relaxation.

Storage method:

  • Store in cool place, avoid direct sunlight or damp note.
  • Keep away from heat and electrical items.
  • Do not consume, for external use only.
  • Pregnant women and children less than three years old should avoid using essential oils.
  • Stop using or seek medical advice should you feel unwell after using it.

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