Yuan Skincare & Soap 阿原肥皂 offers a wide range of all-natural handmade soap, hair care treatment shampoo, award-winning skincare products.

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Best of Yuan Skincare & Soap

Yuan Mugwort (艾草) Classic Soap
Yuan Purple Gromwell & Roselle (紫草) Acne Soap
Yuan Patchouli (左手香) Antiseptic Soap
Yuan Yellow Sage (马樱丹) Sensitive Soap
Yuan Mung Bean & Job’s Tear (綠豆) Brightening Soap
Yuan Mugwort (艾草) Classic Repairing Cream
Yuan Mugwort (艾草) Classic Shampoo
Yuan Citrus (柑仔) Balancing Shampoo
Yuan Hinoki (桧木) Cypress Essential Oil
Yuan Purifier (清方)Revitalising Essential Oil

Why buy from Yuan Skincare & Soap?

Yuan offers “Clean Natural Herbs-based Luxury” products with natural and eco-friendly ingredients. Our aim is to restore skin and hair through the power of oriental herbs.

1. Clean

– No synthetic materials in our soaps
– Herbs are from our farm in Yangminshan National Park, Taiwan

2. Natural – Handmade Soap

– Made by hand, we know what is inside each soap.
– Eco-friendly

3. Herbs – Mugwort (艾草) Collection

Best of Yuan is Mugwort (艾草) which possesses a natural soothing herbal scent and helps with relieving skin problems like eczema, body acne, atopic dermatitis and fungal infections. Mugwort is traditionally valued by Asians for its medicinal properties, known to relieve itching and improve blood circulation and gastrointestinal conditions.

Herbs and Tea Leaves: Purple Gromwell & Roselle (紫草), Patchouli (左手香), Houttuynia (鱼腥草), Swertia (当药), Yellow Sage (马樱丹) & Liquorice (甘草)