Pearl Milk Tea Handmade Soap is Coming to Yuan Skincare SG this CNY

Mark your calendars! Our limited-edition CNY Pearl Milk Tea Handmade Soap will be launching on 25 January 2021, exclusively on Yuan Skincare’s Official Website. Only limited sets available.✨

The Pearl Milk Tea (珍珠奶茶) Handmade Soap gift set contains soap bars made of nourishing herbs – the milk tea portion is made of wild yellow sage, bidens pilosa, lavender and brown sugar, while the pearl portion is made of oolong tea, formulated to relieve skin problems like eczema and psoriasis, and helps with tightening pores.

Yuan Skincare announced the product launch on Facebook this Friday.

The bubble tea soap set was also featured in Zula’s latest article:

Launching on 25 January 2021, this limited-edition gift set consists of soap bars made of nourishing herbs. Now you can finally tell your friends that it’s possible to get a “healthy” cup of bubble tea.


About Yuan Skincare & Soap 阿原肥皂

Yuan Skincare was established in Taiwan in 2005, grounded in the belief of using natural and eco-friendly ingredients to restore skin through the power of Chinese herbs.

Yuan soap bars are crafted through 18 steps of natural soap-making process, each with a unique formula comprising different herbs to cater to different skin types, and condensed at room temperature for 60 days to preserve the benefits and healing properties of the medicinal herbs.

Yuan Skincare’s best-seller is the Classic Soap – Wild Mugwort (艾草) which possesses a natural soothing herbal scent and helps with relieving skin problems like eczema, body acne, atopic dermatitis and fungal infections. Mugwort is traditionally valued by the Chinese for its medicinal properties, known to relieve itching and improve blood circulation and gastrointestinal conditions.

Yuan Skincare & Soap 阿原肥皂 is available in Unity by Fairprice outlets (Singapore), [email protected], Shopee Mall SG, Shopee MY and Shopee VN, and our branded online shops –, and

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