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Yuan Mugwort Classic Soap

The best of Yuan handmade soaps – Mugwort (艾草) Classic Soap helps relieve skin problems like eczema, itch from ringworm, fungal infections and body odour. It is also a gentle wash for those who suffer from acne on the face, back and other parts of the body.

FOR Eczema & Itchiness

Why Customers Love Our Soaps

Mugwort Classic Soap

…I no longer worry about my skin flaring up due to unknown or excessive chemicals found in lots of products claimed to be chemical free.

– G Hogg

Mugwort Classic Soap


I have eczema with very dry, rough skin and unbearable skin rashes and itch. After Yuan Wild Mugwort (艾草) soap for a week, I find my skin smoother, radiant and hydrated.

– Fong

Purple Gromwell & Roselle Acne Soap

i think this soap helps me a lot with my skin problems and i have only used it for 2 weeks. It helped me a lot with my acne and now i dont have anymore outbreaks. This soap may be a bit pricey but is definitely worth it ! much better than the soap i normally buy. Definitely recommended !!

– dharma

Mugwort Classic Soap

Yuan Mugwort (艾草) Classic soap helps to clear my eczema. I have been buying on a monthly basis.

– Sandra Y.

Patchouli Antiseptic Soap

A friend of mine tried this Antiseptic Soap after having breakout for more than 1 year. After 6 weeks, his face improved by 80-90%. He now is a big fan. I think the Patchouli herb has natural antiseptics that are used to soothe inflammations.

– Megan T.

Mugwort Classic Soap

Hubby getting bedsores and skin allergy due to oral medication. After i change his soap to Yuan mudwort soap, the condition has improved tremendously. Will continue to get the soap for him.

– Mei

Mung Bean & Job's Tear Brightening Soap

Began using this soap 2 weeks ago. My skin is now brighter and feels softer too. I recommended this to my friends who are now using it for a week.

– Bea D.

Mugwort Classic Soap

This soap may be a bit pricey but is definitely worth it ! much better than the soap i normally buy. Definitely recommended !!

– dharma

Mugwort Classic Soap

I bought and received it with good condition. Delivery was fast too. My son used it for just 1 time and told me his forehead pimples subsided. Will definitely purchase again.

– Pauline C.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you use the soap daily for body wash, it’s about a month. If you only use the soap for face wash, it can last from 2 to 3 months.

Two years of shelf life. But if it is kept in a good condition, the soap will not deteriorate.

Yuan soaps are made with the most basic edible oil, as well as sodium hydroxide from the electrolysis of sea salt, and also the fresh grass of Taiwan and natural essential oils. NonToxic ingredients. Our herbs are 100% Natural from YangMingShan National Park, Taiwan. No preservatives, colouring ingredients and fragrance added.

Each of our soap is crafted through 18 steps of the natural soap making process. The soap is condensed at room temperature for 60 days to preserve the vitamins and healing properties of the medicinal herbs in our soap.

The meticulous process, natural herbal ingredients made premium quality Yuan soap. But with amazing effects, you will find it worth the price.

Yuan soap contains lots of glycerine and moisturizing fats that are not yet saponified. In addition, All Yuan soaps go through a cold process and contain no artificial hardened ingredients and no hard oil. Those make Yuan’s products to be softer than the normal soaps. However, the softness does not affect the quality of the products at all.

Yuan soaps are mild and do not contain chemical properties. It cleanses and moisturises completely, you can comfortably apply for your face or body as you please.

Those are the crystals formed when the essential oil meets the cold air.

The unique cold-process method is to make materials at a low temperature without heating. By doing this, the high-quality ingredients can be kept in soap without being destroyed in the process of making.

Some high-quality ingredients are vulnerable to heat, such as vegetable oil and extracts that are the base of soap. The cold-process method ensures these natural ingredients are better preserved.

This is because of the citrus tangerine ingredient. It has the effect of killing bacteria and cleaning. It can also remove the dirt on your skin. Please put your mind at ease.

Yuan care soaps contained no foaming agents, so the foam is less when you take shower. However, it cleans just as well as other soaps.

Other industrial soaps and shower cream are added with foaming agents in the making process. It gives consumers the impression of thorough cleansing during showers. On the contrary, the more you wash, the more residues are left on your skin. This is because the foaming agent is a chemical product that will harm your skin when used frequently, regardless of laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, shower cream or facial cleansing cream.

Yuan Skincare & Soap is kind to skin and to animals too. We do not test our products on animals. We believe products that are safe for humans can be developed using non-animal approaches.
YUAN products are free of added fragrances and colourants. Our products contain natural plant extracts and oils which give our products their natural smell.
Our handmade soaps do not contain what is commonly called alcohol (actual name is ethanol or ethyl alcohol) in any of our products.